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A Service For the Apartment House Manager/Owner

Our Company Works For You
We strive to clearly show that we care about the residents of the properties you manage. Your managers and superintendents will quickly notice the quality that we bring to each repair request.We will do our best to be helpful, so that the work we do for your company is consistent with the way you and your staff work. You instruct us of your procedures and we will do our best to be flexible and accommodate you.We are proud of our record of retaining our customers over the years. Most of our customers from 20 years ago are still our customers today! We learned a long time ago that the only way to retain our customers is to provide the dependable and accommodating service residential managers require, at a price that is affordable.
We have been the Appliance Service Provider for these Garden-Like Twin Buildings in Riverdale Since 1989 , and...

Low Cost Service Calls
Our service calls are only $34.50. This includes the trip to the apartment, a diagnosis of the defect, and a written report on the condition of the appliance. Our technicians are trained to determine if it is in more economical to repair or replace the machine. Our repair rates are very competitive with most repairs costing between $70.00 to $140.00 with all parts and labor included.

... this Townhouse community in Little Neck, Long Island since 1992, and...

Expert and Uniformed Service Technicians
All of our technicians have completed formal technical training at certified schools. They have also completed the Federal Government’s EPA requirement to safely handle and dispose of environmentally harmful refrigerants (FREON). Our technicians also wear company uniforms with our company name clearly displayed so that they are easily recognized as service technicians while working in your buildings.

this ten building complex in Coney Island since 1984, and...

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Of course, our employees are covered by Workmen’s Comprehension. We also have over $2,000,000 liability coverage for work-in-progress and completed operations for your protection. If requested, we will list your company as an “Additionally insured”.

... this Bridge-view Building in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn since 1985, and...

Easy Access to Service Records.
If we experience any difficulty in repairing your tenant’s machine, we will notify you immediately. If, for example, the refrigerator is not repairable and the tenant does not have a working refrigerator or stove, we will contact you by phone or fax with the pertinent details and the solutions available.

...this Luxury Rental in Great Neck, Since 1988 and hundreds of other building from Long Beach to Tarrytown.

Extended Warranty
Our workmanship and parts are warranted for one year. To insure value, if another defect should develop with the new machine within one year, even if it is unrelated to the previous repair that we performed, we will fix the problem free of charge or refund the cost of the previous repair. This guarantees that we will only repair the machines that are worth fixing and that you get value for the money you spend.Fast and Easy Placement of Service RequestsWe schedule the appointments for the next day, including Saturdays. However, if you have an emergency, we will do our best to do the repair the same day. We will also be flexible and schedule early first-stops for tenants with demanding schedules. We also have excellent, long-term relationships with most of the best suppliers and wholesalers who will respond quickly to our customers’ needs. We service buildings throughout the metropolitan area and can dispatch technicians to all parts of our city quickly and easily.

Replacement Units Available
In the event an appliance is not repairable, we can quickly deliver and install an appropriate replacement unit and remove and properly dispose of the old unit.

We Love and Know New York
We are a New York company. We don’t service appliances in other cities and states, and our company only repairs appliances and air conditioning equipment. When you call us you will not be calling a huge central-phone service-system in the Midwest. You will talk to our representative who will know the difference between Kew Gardens, and Carroll Gardens; Washington Heights, and Brooklyn Heights; Bayside and Woodside; Long Beach and Brighton Beach; , Riverdale and Glendale; and Coney Island and City Island.
Additionally, the staff of Thomas Refrigeration Inc. takes very seriously its responsibility in “lending a helping hand” to many of the truly inspirational and needed charitable organizations of New York City and the metropolitan area. Throughout the years, we have been delighted and honored to donate our technical skills and materials to our city’s “soup kitchens”, and to donate use of our trucks and drivers to transport bulky items for community organizations, for example. Furthermore, we are always honored when asked to lend a hand, in any way we can, to many of the notable charities that our valued customers support.